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Sarah Chen陳奕



Approachable, patient and diligent. Adhering to the highest levels of honesty, integrity and understanding, Sarah has a highly ethical approach to all of her business dealings. She describes herself as being extremely ambitious and hardworking, whilst showing high level of enthusiasm and positivity when presented with new challenges.

Knowing that success comes from listening rather than talking, Sarah says, not only do you learn a lot more about what the client wants and what buyers are looking for, but also what the market place is saying. A consummate professional with an impressive track record of achievements, from being the Selling Principal of her own business to working with high-end development agencies, you can rest assured Sarah has the knowledge and know-how and understands the intricacies of the high-end real estate market.

Sarah has become known for bridging the gap between East and West. Her heritage enables her to deeply connect and relate to others who also originated from overseas. Fluently speaking Mandarin & Cantonese allows Sarah to tap into Australia’s growing Chinese market, and to fully understand each client’s individual needs and wants. Her reputation, expertise, client relationships and exceptional results have engenderedintense customer loyalty with clients choosing Sarah to personally handle the sale of their properties. Her local knowledge and an educated and reliable understanding of the market, where she communicates openly with all her clients, ensures matching buyers with the right property a stress free experience.

Beyond the unrelenting pace of her work in real estate, Sarah finds that her activity levels are best supported by a clear mind achieved through physical activity. Whilst her great love of badminton and cycling has never waned, Sarah also enjoys socialising with friends & family whenever she gets the chance.